Boost Oxygen Natural

  • 95% pure oxygen
  • Boost energy and concentration
  • Most trusted oxygen brand in the world



"I just wanted to write you guys and say that your Boost Oxygen made it possible for me to climb the Grand Teton! I climb peaks frequently but am always a victim to altitude sickness and it can really make it difficult to summit. When I tried out Boost Oxygen I was surprised by its effectiveness of keeping me less fatigued and keeping away the nasty altitude headache on the Grand Teton. Above 12,000 ft. most people in my group were slowing down and getting altitude sickness symptoms but I was feeling fine and made it to the top without a major struggle. Thanks for making such a great product and I will continue to use it when mountaineering for a much more enjoyable experience." – Austin Farnworth, Mapleton, UT

Bye-Bye Altitude Dizziness!

"When we rode up to Pike's Peak (ele. 14,100′) we encountered some light-headedness and dizziness.... I must say (Boost Oxygen) was a Godsend! Just a few puffs made a major difference!" - Pam G.

Great Way to Catch Your Breath

"I use this on hikes, very lightweight so it doesn't add much to the backpack... think the size of a Pringles can. Great way to help you catch your breath when you're at 10,000 feet on a difficult hike." - Spencer D.

No More Headaches

"I shoot photos in the mountains ALL the time. Haven't had ONE headache since I have been using this product. Try them (Boost Oxygen)!" - Carl M.

Pilot Recovery

"What can I say? It does what it says." - Thomas O.